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Organizations hire Darin to deliver keynote presentations for all-hands meetings, industry conferences, and other special events.

They want him to tell stories about:

  • Customer Experience

  • Employee Experience and Engagement

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Strategic Human Resources


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Organizations hire Darin to participate in panel sessions or interviews to add a unique (and often humorous) perspective for the audience.


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Organizations hire Darin to facilitate important meetings to accelerate identification and agreement on critical ideas and decisions.


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Organizations hire Darin to improve the knowledge and skills of their People Team (aka HR), Customer Experience Team, or senior leaders.

Popular courses include:

  • How to leverage Lominger’s Leadership Architect™

  • Profiling critical roles to improve selection and training

  • Project management for non-project managers

  • Identifying important attributes through critical incident methodology

  • Diagnosing and preventing (or mitigating) barriers to communication or collaboration

  • Identifying barriers to performance with behavioral engineering

  • Designing and building a strategic People Team (HR function)