Why are you reading this book? Do you have a bad boss? Are you looking for a company that is a better cultural fit for your personal values and interests? Do you suspect that promotions have been blocked by leaders who want you to stay in the same role? Are you chasing a new lease on life? Are you chasing the Benjamins? Did you just graduate? Are you reentering the workforce after a period of time? Or have you recently been a victim of bad news? Perhaps your company shut down or closed your location. Maybe the economy caused a layoff or furlough. Maybe you or the company decided to move. Maybe you were fired.

No matter, this book will serve as a guide and template to help you find a fulfilling and exciting new role. Or at the very least, a new job.

Before you start applying for jobs, you should consider a few salient points. First, you are now in sales. You have to sell 'you.' You also need to understand who the buyers are. This book is going to help you learn how to market and sell 'you' to the gatekeepers and your next boss.

The gatekeepers call themselves talent acquisition or recruiting. They require the hiring manager to provide them with a job description or they copy one from somewhere online. Then they seek permission to post it in a number of places where job seekers dwell. From there, you find that there are four types of these creatures.


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