After years of running a uniquely strategic human resources team (and even more as a consultant), I provide advice to individuals on matters that are affecting the people in their organization. Some of these issues are directly HR or People Team-related and some of them are just about how the company is treating employees.

Of the thirty-six tales that I am sharing from 2021, a fourth of them are about abusive leaders or bait-and-switch tactics. Seventeen percent expose bad policies, while fourteen percent highlight bad processes and automation. Ten percent of the stories focus on what happened when a company hired the wrong person to run the People Team/Human Resources. These stories include pandemic issues (such as people moving), the ‘great resignation’ (i.e. people leaving), and a fair amount of online reputation issues (people sharing).

I heard from a lot of small business owners, especially startups. I also heard from a few employees. However, most of the people that leveraged my Advice services this year were people who work directly for the People Team/HR. Of those, members of the Talent Acquisition area seemed to want the most help. When the topic was clearly about diversity, equity, inclusion, or belonging I moved those tales to another book: Asking For A Friend. The book in your hands right now focuses on other topics.

Where do these stories come from? Well, in exchange for a very affordable, one-hour conversation and then a follow-up to see how things are progressing, I reserve the right to anonymize my clients’ stories so that I can share them with you here. These are stories that may entertain you, educate you, or scare the excrement out of you. Hopefully, the advice I provided and how things panned out serve as lessons learned that you can apply.


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