About Darin Phillips

Who am I?


Darin Phillips spent his first ten years after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin as a counselor for at-risk youth and their families.

He then spent 20+ years in corporate roles as the head of training, organizational development, human resources, customer service, marketing, and sales.

His books cover best practices and lessons learned from both his non-profit and corporate roles. In 2018 Darin became a grandparent and started writing children's books as Grand Dude.

You are just as likely to find Darin wandering around comic conventions talking to fans about the games he has created as you might find him presenting at an international conference on diversity and employee engagement. 

In fact, you might have stumbled upon this profile because you want a book about using team-building activities, you want to become a skilled facilitator, you are creating a customer experience or D&I function at your organization, you have a grandchild who loves the stories about Rabbit the Dog, or you are curious about the person that created a dice-based game about owls and rodents.