I'm Darin Phillips

I am all about the experience. The employee experience and the customer experience are deeply connected. Customers have a great experience when employees are doing the right work, the right way, at the right time, for the right reason. Employees are having a great experience when they encounter few to no points of friction in the processes and tech stack that are required for their jobs. My career has been defined by significant, measurable improvements in both areas - both as an employee and as an advisor.

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Darin Philips

Darin Phillips


My passion is to help people excel. My career started as a social worker for at-risk youth, which led me to inventing games that teach effective communication and collaboration. While doing training and leadership development, I was tasked with creating or turning around troubled teams. Ultimately, I led human resources and digital transformation, while continuing to manage customer experience. Currently, I consult on transforming People Teams/Human Resources - with a side hustle of writing books that help children effectively manage social and emotional challenges.

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    Darin has designed and delivered engaging and effective training using multiple formats and modalities while working with and for numerous companies dating back to 1992.

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